Viralair-UV Air Sterilisation Unit

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The Viralair-UVTM  unit sterilises the air using UV-C light. This compact and cost effective unit disinfects the air within enclosed spaces, protecting staff against Covid-19 and other airborne bacteria & viruses.

The unit provides:

  • Air sterilisation for a room up to 800m3
  • 5000 hours of use before the UV lamp needs replacing
  • Mobility through castors, making it easy to move from room to room
  • Easy installation through AC power supply – simply plug in and go!
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The Viralair-UVTM  unit is a compact, cost effective, and efficacious solution for the sterilisation of air within enclosed spaces. It’s compact size and quiet operation makes it ideal for offices and education facilities.

By using effective UV-C sterilisation your staff and pupils will benefit from greater protection indoors through a much lower risk of cross-contamination and spread of disease through the air.

A standard UK mains 3-pin plug means fast deployment and set-up. Simple on/off switch means no risk of incorrect operation and no staff training required. Plus there are no ongoing service costs to keep the machine running.

Multiple units can be combined to help cover larger spaces and low power consumption means minimal energy usage. What’s not to love about this nifty, mobile air sterilisation unit?

Technical Specification:

Size (HxWxD):  830 x 425 x 300mm

Capacity (m3/hr):  ≥800

Applicable room size per unit: 80m³

O3 concentration in air during dynamic sterilisation:  ≤0.1mg/m3

Sound Level (dB):  ≤55

Working Environment

Temp. Range: -10°C ~ 40°C

Humidity:   ≤80%

Atmos. Pressure:    60KPa ~ 106KPa

Power consumption:   ≤250W

Power Supply: AC 220-240V 50/60Hz

Weight: +/-25Kg

Number of UVC tubes per unit: 5