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School Spending: What Do You Need to Prioritise for the Academic Year?

For school business managers, the start of the new academic year is an important time. Children are getting used to...

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5 Top Tips to Ensure a Successful ‘Back to School!’

The beginning of a new academic year always comes around within the blink of an eye, as the summer holidays...

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Getting Ready for the New School Year: Key Jobs for the Summer!

Kids hands with Colourful Paint Background

As the current school year draws to a close, thoughts turn to September and the new term, full of new...

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Top 5 Ideas for Outdoor Learning

As the weather starts to heat up and the temperature in the classroom rises, thoughts often turn to learning outdoors....

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5 Tips for a Successful Sports Day

Children with medals on sports day

The Summer term is moving along at pace and thoughts will soon turn to the end of year celebrations. A...

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5 Ideas for Celebrating the Coronation in Your Classroom

School boy waving flag

Our new King, Charles III, is due to be crowned on Saturday 6th May 2023. This is a truly historic...

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5 Tips to Help You Plan Your Summer Stock Order

National walk to school week

The summer term is just around the corner, which means it is time to think about what your school needs...

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Reduce your School’s Carbon Footprint and Buy Local

Reducing your schools carbon footprint

As climate change continues to be a growing concern for many businesses and individuals, many companies are seeking ways to...

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Fitting out Specialist Classrooms with Paper Plus

Science lab classroom fit out

Renovating any classroom is a daunting task, but this can be an especially big challenge when it’s a specialist classroom...

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New Year, New Furniture 

new year, new furniture

The Christmas holidays are over. Both teachers and students up and down the UK are now thinking about the start...

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Easy Christmas Crafts for Children of all Ages

Christmas crafts with Paper Plus

Christmas time at both home, and in school is a creative time of year. With the lights, colourful wrapping paper,...

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Winter Displays for your Classroom


Winter is edging closer and there are Christmas decorations, jumpers, and presents in every shop! Whether you’re more traditional or...

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Halloween Crafting Ideas for your Classroom

Halloween crafts

Halloween is a great opportunity to get creative and get crafting. With numerous fun ideas which can be completed in...

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Back to School: Tips & Tricks on Buying Everything You Need

school supplies

At Paper Plus, education is our world, so we understand the wide range of products, supplies and equipment children require...

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Office Chairs & Classroom Chairs – A Chair for Every Need

classroom chairs

Chairs are a staple piece of furniture in most settings. In classrooms, businesses, offices, and even in waiting rooms and libraries,...

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Office Space Planning: Making your Space Work for You


Paper Plus can help businesses and schools in delivering budget-friendly furniture solutions for various areas of a building. Our dedicated...

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Ordering School Supplies for 2022/23: Simple & Easy with Paper Plus

school children

The end of the 21/22 academic year is coming to an end, meaning the summer holidays are less than a...

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9 ‘Must Have’ Sports Equipment for School PE Lessons

PE equipment

Physical education lessons, more commonly known as PE, are a legal requirement in schools across the UK; for both primary...

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Pick, Pack, and Wrap Service

Every single classroom across the UK requires a wide variety of supplies to simply run and for students to learn....

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Your Summer Holiday Classroom Re-fit


Re-fitting a classroom or educational space is a fantastic opportunity to utilise space better or re-invent the dynamics of a...

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Paper as a Sustainable Resource

copier paper

Paper nowadays is one of the very few, truly sustainable products available in the world, as trees can be replanted...

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The ‘Must-Have’ School Stationery for a Teacher and Your Classroom

school stationery

Summer is just around the corner, and that means so too are the summer holidays! But at Paper Plus we...

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Creating an Ergonomic Desk Space for Teachers

Ergonomic furniture

The teaching space has now returned to the ‘normal’ classroom and in-person way of working. During the coronavirus pandemic, many...

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Paper Products Every Teacher Needs

coloured paper

There are hundreds and thousands of lists and blog posts which detail every single item a teacher could possibly need....

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4 Fun Easter Crafting Ideas for Children

easter crafting

Easter is the time of year to get out the glue, coloured card, feathers, pom poms, ribbon, and paint. Whether...

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The Furniture Fit Out Process

classroom furniture

The prospect of a full-on fit-out for your classroom, staff room, or office is daunting. With so many needs to...

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School branding: How Exercise Books can Contribute to a Child’s Learning

exercise books

The main point of an exercise book is to provide a record of a child’s learning and development. It can...

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Planning for the New Financial Year

school budget

As the financial year ends in April for most schools, it’s time to start planning the budget for your next...

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Has the Price of Copier Paper Gone Up?

copier paper

Buyers of copier paper have been hit by the increase in the price of paper. People in the industry have...

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Art Supplies for Schools: Why having Quality Paper Matters

coloured paper

Art is an important subject in schools all over the world. It provides children with the opportunity to be creative,...

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